Introverts or Extroverts: Here’s Which One Has It Better


In the US, it’s always seemed like the answer was “extrovert.” Being social is lauded and most people seem skeptical of all that skulking about that introverts do.

There’s no doubt research has shown a number of advantages to being a people person.

Plenty of studies say extroverts are happier:

We compared the upper 10% of consistently very happy people with average and very unhappy people. The very happy people were highly social, and had stronger romantic and other social relationships than less happy groups. They were more extroverted, more agreeable, and less neurotic, and scored lower on several psychopathology scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

What happens when you take an introvert and make them act like an extrovert? They get happier:

Results replicated and extended past findings suggesting that acting extroverted produces hedonic benefits regardless of disposition. Positive affect increased and negative affect did not…

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