2 in 5 Young Americans Don’t Have Jobs and Aren’t Looking


Nearly 40% of people in the United States ages 16 to 24 don’t have a job, and are fine with it. They say they’re happy not to be employed and don’t plan to find a job anytime soon, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The figures do not include young people who aren’t working, but are actively seeking employment. About 10% of Americans aged 20 to 24 and 19% of those aged 16 to 19 are considered unemployed, which means they are actively seeking work.

However, most Americans who are of working age and don’t have jobs are not actively seeking employment. Overall, 93% of the 86 million Americans 16 and older who aren’t looking for work say they don’t want a job. The total figure is up from a decade ago, and the change is most stark for young people. Around…

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