Sleeping with (Stuffed) Animals


I sleep with animals. Not literally, except sometimes, specifically on Saturdays. Saturdays is the Jewish Sabbath, and as I am a Jew, I take the commandment to rest on the seventh day literally. In Exodus 20 the commandment includes animals — okay, draft animals — but I don’t own any mules or oxen. Thus on the Sabbath, and only on the Sabbath, are my two dogs allowed up on the bed with me. Often my husband joins us as well. It’s cozy, if somewhat confusing for the dogs, who have to sleep on the floor the rest of the week.

But the point isn’t my own personal Sabbath observance. The point is animals. Because I have to confess that well before the dogs, not to mention the husband, came along, I slept with animals. Stuffed ones, to be sure, but unlike most children, I somehow never grew out of the…

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