Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says

According to scientists at Colby College humans, are going to be the cause of mass extinctions in the ocean. They’ve collected data from hundreds of sources that point to the same trend that’ll lead to an upcoming grand extinction. Dr. Pinsky’s team brought together information from various records and studies. There seems to be abundant evidence on the damage humans have had on the ocean. Loren Mclenachan sees this increasing threat as a call to action
This possible catastrophe will be avoidable. Humans have enough time to at least try to reverse this and prevent such snowball effect early on. At the moment, the ocean’s health is on a cliff. Our impact will continue to encroach onto sensitive ocean habitats. The issue of how the impact will be observed is still in question. Things seen in certain ecosystems won’t represent the ocean’s ecosystem as a whole. There’s a lot more area needed to cover to get the full picture.
Ocean seems too vast and it may not seem as if oceans could have large scale extinctions but fossil records prove otherwise. Marine species aren’t granted biological immunity. Author gives a little history lesson. Extinctions on land accelerated after the Industrial Revolution in the 1800’s. During the I.R, drastic changes were made to the environment. Forests were cleared to harvest timber and other resources were taken at a faster rate. This began the altering of the habitats other species depended upon. It has yet to end. Sea water is becoming more acidic as a result of carbon emissions. Fishing ships have scrapped 20 million square miles of the sea floor so far with their nets.
Fossil records acknowledge the correlation between human contact with other species and the rate of extinctions. Recovery of oceans health could mean a pause in ocean industrialization. Time is necessary while ocean self-repairs. Cutting back on carbon emissions can slow down extinctions. Reserves made on coasts, to guide migrating fish seeking refuge from high temperatures, should be made.
To get corporations to agree to cut back on carbon emissions would mean a concrete rule was set in place. No company is going to risk their profits for the sake of the environment.


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