Campaigning Tactics

The Harbinger

By Carolina Espinal

That time of the year has arrived again: dozens of multi-colored posters hang against the walls, hallways, doors and staircases, flooding the school’s atmosphere with slogans that usually sound a little like, “Vote for Me Because I’m the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.” 

Getting Noticed

Many of the jaguars at MLEC are really focused on getting from one class to the other. If you have plain and dull posters with no color or appeal, chances are, no one will acknowledge it. Ask yourself: “Does this poster capture enough of my attention for me to actually read it?” You want to catch your audience’s attention by making your posters stand out. You don’t have to bedazzle them or anything but colors don’t hurt. 


Places where students pass by frequently and look at are where you want to hang your posters. If you’re a freshman, the…

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